BioEZ-VF from GGBC Inc./Giddyap Girls Biscuit Co. is a high potency, high performance, oral gel for horses and foals to rebalance and support total digestive health. Each tube supplies 80 billion cfu micro-encapsulated live probiotics from six strains, active yeasts, prebiotics and a spectrum of digestive enzymes to increase nutrient absorption, boost immunity and help the horse stay active.

BioEZ-VF maintains the proper balance of microflora (healthy bacteria) in the horse’s digestive system and improves performance, body condition, immune system and disposition of the horse. It helps sustain normal appetite and may help prevent or reduce instances of colic, diarrhea or digestive upset.

BioEZ-VF increases absorption of nutrients and supplements for maximum feed efficiency. It is ideal for older horses and especially useful in newborn foals to establish normal gut activity.

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