Have you dreamed of having your clients bring their horses to you for their hoof-care needs, rather than you travel to them?

Bernalillo, N.M., farrier Brad Dirickson began offering the service in 2017 and while he has many tips for making it a reality, one is simply charging less money. For example, the same horse trimmed and shod on four feet is $30 less for haul-ins.

“I’m saving the fuel, the wear and tear on my truck and my time in the truck — those are worth it to me,” says Dirickson. “I talk with farriers who disagree, saying I should charge the same, but I believe in passing the savings on to the client.”

For more insight from Brad Dirickson, read “Idea for Offering A Haul-in Service” in the July/August 2019 issue of American Farriers Journal.