Several Choices for Farrier Organization Membership

Only 27% of the full-time farriers who answered an American Farriers Journal survey do not belong to any equine footcare group. Memberships of other farriers included:

39% of full-time farriers belong to the American Farrier’s Association.

37% are members of one or more local farrier groups.

34% are members of the American Association of Professional Farriers.

4% are members of the Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners.

3% belong to the Brotherhood of Working Farriers.

16% belong to some other organized or unorganized farrier groups.

— 2018 American Farriers Journal Farrier Benchmark Study


Horses Have Huge Impact on the U.S. Economy 

The direct economic activity within the equine industry equals $50 billion a year in expenditures, including 988,000 equine-related jobs.

Both directly and indirectly, the American Horse Council places the total value of the equine industry to the U.S. economy at $122 billion in revenue and contributes to over 1.7 million jobs.

— University of Minnesota Cooperative Extension Service