Lelands was auctioning off one of Secretariat’s horseshoes, closing the bidding on Aug. 17, according to WHAS 11. On the last day of the auction, Secretariat's shoe sold for a record $80,736

The iconic racehorse became the first to win the Triple Crown in 1973 and still holds the fastest Derby time of 1:59:04.

The aluminum shoe being auctioned was applied for Secretariat’s groundbreaking race at the 1973 Kentucky Derby.

According to Lelands, the shoe was originally given to the Chenery family from Secretariat’s trainer Lucien Laurin. Up until auction, it remained with the family in their Meadow Stable archives. The horseshoe is displayed with a note from Laurin certifying its authenticity.

The shoe has scuffs, marks and track remnants from racing and also the rivet holes that were used to secure Secretariat’s distinctive felt pads.

Previous horseshoes of Secretariat's have sold for about $30,000, according to Lusky. This is the only shoe the family plans on selling from the 1973 Derby.

For more information on the shoe, visit the Lelands website.