Pictured Above: Daniel Lambert, an equine veterinarian from Zebulon, N.C., has passed away.
Photo: Leslie Lewis Photography

Zebulon, N.C., equine veterinarian Daniel Lambert has passed away.

Lambert, a graduate of North Carolina State University, launched HorseCare Veterinary Services in Zebulon in 2011. It wasn’t a path he initially intended.

“I had aspirations of being a small animal vet, and was perfectly happy working with dogs and cats,” Lambert writes on his clinic’s website. “I figured I could suffer through a few weeks of working with some smelly horses. It didn’t take long before I fell in love with horses, their gentle nature, their strength, and even the way they smell. I’m still amazed that this 1,000-pound creature will stand quietly and agree to let me treat it, even when it hurts. Even now, after a long day, when I see them grazing in the pasture, I want to stop my truck and go to the fence so I can scratch them under their chins.”

Nashville, N.C., farrier Lillian Moore recognized Lambert during the 2016 National Farriers Week.

“Dr. Daniel Lambert has been a driving force in my career as a farrier,” she writes. “His passion for horses and advocacy for veterinarian and farrier relationships forges (literally) successful outcomes for horses. He set me up with my apprenticeship and encouraged me to pursue farrier school in 2013. As a ‘baby farrier,’ he taught me about the hoof of a horse on the basic to more in-depth level inside and out. He fueled a passion in me for laminitic horses and client education.”

Funeral services are pending.