Reading Horses

Happy April Fools’ Day! We hope you like the prank, but this free downloadable isn’t a joke. 

Many farriers starting out in the business today may not have much experience with horses. They might not realize the importance of reading a horse to understand its frame of mind before they pick up a leg to start working on the foot — especially if it’s a new horse they haven’t worked with before. And even veteran farriers with thousands of shoeings under their belt can fall victim to the pitfalls of mis-reading a horse.

To help you establish a better rapport with the horses you work on and to provide you with guidelines to complete your job safely, we’ve put together this free 7-page quick-read eGuide, full of important horse reading tips and advice, including:

  • 13 practical strategies for dealing with horses that don’t like farriers
  • How you can identify if a horse is nervous or relaxed BEFORE you start shoeing
  • Establishing better communication with a horse through an effective introduction process
  • Techniques for working around a horse’s bad attitude and fostering cooperation

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