The World Championship Blacksmiths (WCB) wrapped up its 12th season in Las Vegas, Nev., by crowning Bozeman, Mont., farrier Tom Peterson as its national champion. Waxhaw, N.C., farrier Dillon Crane took home the American Farriers Journal Most Improved Award, as well as the Category 2 title.

Dillion crane

Dillon Crane accepts the American Farriers Journal Most Improved Award.


Final WCB standings:

Category 1 

  1. Jessica Melvin of Perkasie, Pa.
  2. David Pederson of Tucson, Ariz.
  3. Cody Taylor of Taylorsville, N.C.
  4. Chris Bouchikas of Elgin, Ariz.
  5. Marcus Lybarger of Venice, Fla.


Category 2

  1. Dillon Crane of Waxhaw, N.C.
  2. Cole McElroy of Belgrade, Mont.
  3. Caleb Swarr of East Earl, Pa.
  4. Matt Hull of Stoney Point, N.C.
  5. John Sagaria of Petaluma, Calif.


Category 3

  1. Carl Via of Mineral, Va.
  2. Andrew Neilson of Oxford, Pa.
  3. Dirk Lewis of Declo, Idaho.
  4. Russel Floyd of St. George, New Brunswick


Category 4

  1. Tom Peterson of Bozeman, Mont.
  2. Andrew Wells of Auburn, Ala.
  3. Adam Fahr of Paragould, Ark.
  4. Travis Buck of Georgetown, Ontario
  5. Bryan Osborne of Paris, Ky.
  6. Mike Poe of Columbia, Md.


The Bay Horse Big Hammer of the Year

Andrew Neilson of Oxford, Pa.