5 Star Equine Products' Patriot Sport Boot by PRO Orthopedic is a lightweight boot with a four-way stretch that allows its user to stretch and tighten the boot to conform to the horse’s leg. Overtightening is impossible with this boot, so it safely offers the support of a polo with the protection of a sport boot. It allows full range of movement and performance.

PRO Orthopedics' patented design allows the fetlock joint full range of motion with no restriction. The Patriot is designed to fit the fetlock joint correctly, giving the horse the best protection and support. The equine athlete will have the advantage of extending their stride with full functionality and movement of the fetlock joint. This same type of design has been applied in human products by PRO for many years, and is now available to the equine athlete. The 100% orthopedic-grade neoprene offers the best impact resistance, while the equal-length fetlock straps do not pull ligaments and tendons too much in one direction for proper balance. This snug-fitting, low-profile boot keeps dirt out and away from the horse’s leg. The antimicrobial properties eliminate germs and bacteria.

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