Twenty years after Billy Crothers and the late Lucy (née Diamond) Crothers founded Handmade Shoes, their team grows from England to Scotland as they join J&A Ferrie. The Northern Branch becomes Handmade Shoes of Scotland and vows to continue to meet customers’ expectations with high standards across the water. 

In 1998, Billy and Lucy combined their passion for horses through “Handmade Shoes” farrier supplies in Buckinghamshire. Billy has won several prestigious farrier competitions and trained dozens of apprentices during his International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame career. Lucy competed successfully in equitation competitions, including some at the international level.

J&A Ferrie began in 1982 by Jim and Allan Ferrie in their native land of Scotland by shoeing various types of horses, as well as supplying local farriers with the tools and nails needed to get the job done. This fraternal team has competed successfully in farrier competitions and are both members of the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame. Both brothers were awarded in 2008 by the Scottish Equestrian Association. Their eye for detail gained the support of G.E. in developing their own tools and concave horseshoes. Members of A&J Ferrie’s team who will be joining Handmade Shoes Scotland include Alan Murdoch, Jill Hodge, David Scott, and May Bennett.

“Allan and I would like to thank all of our fantastic clients for their support over the past 36 years and we know you will be in good hands with Handmade Shoes Scotland,” according to a statement from the Ferrie brothers. “We wish Billy and all the team at Handmade Shoes Scotland Ltd. every success for the future.”

Although they are not selling supplies together anymore, Jim and Allan continue to shoe horses as a team.