Service Line's Hanen Automatic Livestock Feeder is the ultimate programmable feeding system for many types of livestock, including horses and cattle. Unlike a creeper feeder, the Hanen Automatic Livestock Feeder is designed to dispense the correct levels of nutrition, up to six feedings per day. Benefits of programmed feeding include balanced diet, reduced labor costs, reduced energy costs, lower wasted feed and more free time. The feeding cycle is totally programmable and livestock are summoned by audio signal.

Hanen Automatic Programmable Cattle Feeders are available in two AC-powered models intended for indoor use: Model LSF-2 Two Head Feeder and Model LSF-4 Four Head Feeder. Two solar-powered feeder configurations, Model LSF-12 Twelve Head Feeder and Model LSF-20 Twenty Head Feeder, are also available. The durable feeders are constructed of heavy gauge steel and are 100% powder-coated for extreme conditions.

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