Oleo Acres Farrier Supply, Inc., a Colorado-based farrier supply company, announced the addition of "Blacksmith" to their name and introduced their new logo.

Ole Acres Farrier & Blacksmith Supply (www.OAFBS.com) is a fourth-generation family owned and operated company that has served the Colorado farrier community and others for over 40 years.

Rob Michel, the fourth generation and Account Executive for Oleo, said of the new logo and name refresh, "It was time to reinvest in ourselves to become more relevant to our key customers. We feel our new logo is now more in tune with the farrier community."

"We have always carried all the top farrier supplies and will continue to do so, but realized that we weren't serving the blacksmithing community to the best of our ability," explained Rob.

Blacksmithing is a time-honored skill that has regained popularity in a big way in recent years. Oleo has always carried the major supplies needed for smithing, i.e.: forge, anvil, hammers, coal, coke, etc., but will now meet the demand for the peripheral blacksmithing supplies, including different tool steels, knife scales, etching materials, etc.

The name refresh and new logo come as Oleo has been reinventing their stores over the past year and a half to improve their shopping experience. "Becoming more organized not only helps our customers be more efficient, but also keeps us on top of our game and up to speed with all the latest farrier product trends," said Bob, President of Oleo Acres.

"We may have changed our look to stay current, but we've always prided ourselves on superb customer service, vast inventory and competitive pricing and those things will never change," promised Rob.

The Oleo family hopes to improve their online shopping experience in the coming years and look forward to serving the farrier and blacksmithing communities for many years to come.