Wearing safety glasses while forging is always a great idea. Yet, some designs hinder the desire to use them.

“I never wanted to wear them, because I sweat so much and they fog up right away,” Matt Lybeck says. “Normally, I won’t keep safety glasses on more than 5 minutes.”

The Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., farrier happened upon a pair of safety glasses called Bugz-Eye, which were developed for eye protection in the logging industry.

“I think these are the coolest deal,” Lybeck says. “The lenses are a screen, so even if you drip sweat on them, it goes right through the lens. I’ve been wearing these for a few months and haven’t had anything go through them that’s been a problem.”

The glasses also feature foam padding around the eyes for comfort and stop flying debris from entering from other angles. They retail for about $10.

“It’s been worth it to me to wear some kind of safety glasses,” Lybeck says, “and the sweat isn’t a problem.”

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