Gulfstream Park began major renovations to its turf course in April, according to the Daily Racing Form.

Approximately 50% of races at the park take place on the turf course. This causes noticeable wear on the track such as tire-track impressions and divot marks, which the renovations will remove.

Races on the turf will not be interrupted during the renovations. The inner half of the course will be renovated first, while racing during the spring and summer continues in the outer half. Once the inner course is finished, the process will be reversed as the outer course is renovated, according to Daily Racing Form.

Bill Badgett, Gulfstream general manager, says that if the project remains on schedule, they will be able to finish renovating the rest of the track when they move over to Gulfstream Park West in the fall.

The work will be done on dark days and at night in order to ensure that construction does not interfere with races.

Weather permitting, the entire renovation is scheduled to be completed by the championship meet in December.