This page lists material that supplements the May/June 2018 issue of American Farriers Journal.


Gain more insight on the foot of Przewalski’s horse

Read, "Physiology, Foot Morphology And Health In The True Wild Horse"

(Supplement to "DNA Tests Reveal Przewalski’s Horses Are Feral" page 10.)

Gain more insight about the coffin bone

Read, “Hoof Care And The Coffin Bone.”
Downloading the free eGuide, “Illustrated Anatomy And Fractures Of The Coffin Bone.”

(Supplement to "'Miracle' Horse Competitively Jumps Despite Missing Part Of Coffin Bone" page 16.)

Shoeing the Western Pleasure Horse

Watch videos of Mike Chance discussing some of the lessons from the day. – COMING SOON
Learn about what research revealed about lameness frequency with Western performance horses.

(Supplement to "Staying Out of the Horse's Way" page 22.)

Gain more insight from Bobby Menker

[Video]  Traction Considerations To Enhance Performance

Read Keep Your Footing In Addressing Traction Concerns

(Supplement to "No Bells and Whistles, Just Keep It Simple" page 32.)

Looking for Lameness During a Pre-Purchase Exam

Read more “Thoughts on Shoeing For Performance,” as part of the Friday Summit Lunchtime Panel, presented by Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center. – COMING SOON

Steve Kraus, head of farrier services at Cornell University, discusses how he handled a jammed coronary band case. – COMING SOON

Dusty Franklin, the owner of Five Star Horseshoeing School, covers a coffin bone fracture case. – COMING SOON

(Supplement to "Looking for Lameness During a Pre-Purchase Exam" page 38.)

Checking Your Toe Bends

[Video] Front Toe Bend
[Video] Hind Toe Bend

(Supplement to "Are You Proactive Or Reactive With Performance Horses?" page 42.)

More on Suspensory Injuries

Read why farriers need to understand their sport horsed disciplines. – COMING SOON
[Video] See an extension modification  that Farley uses to help a horse perform in its lateral turns. – COMING SOON

(Supplement to "Helping Sport Horses Compete Through Suspensory Injuries" page 46.)

Gain more insight on Glue-On Shoes

[Webinar]  Glue-On Shoeing Application Techniques — Back to Basics

(Supplement to "Understand When To Use Direct And Indirect Glue-On Shoes" page 51.)

More ways to gain hoof-care insight from Wes Champagne

Read, What It Took To Make American Pharoah Go.
[Video] Improve Success At Shoeing.
[Video] Wes Champagne Fiberglass Sole Demonstration.

(Supplement to "The Key To Soundness Is In The Heels" page 60.)

From The AFJ Archives

Download a pdf of the original article Shoeing Reiners from September/October 1996.

(Supplement to "From The AFJ Archives" page 64.)

More Insight on Maintaining a Club Foot.

Read, “Frequent Trips Aid Club Foot.”
Read, “Not A Textbook Case.”
[Video] Watch the Online Hoof-Care Classroom, “Shoeing The Club-Footed Horse.”

(Supplement to "Club Foot Or Upright Foot? It’s All About The Angles" page 66)

Remembering Danny Ward

Coming Soon

(Supplement to "Remembering Danny Ward" page 70.)

More Insight on Fullering

Read, "Straight-Up Advice For Fullering."
[Video] Three-Quarter Fullering An Egg Bar Shoe.
[Video] How To Widen A Branch.

(Supplement to "Fullering to Perfection" page 72.)