Lightweight, durable, cool and comfortable, the Greenguard Grazing Muzzle has a unique design that offers greater openness and breathability. Because of its shape, the muzzle does not collapse in on the horse's nose while it is grazing or block the nostrils, which means better airflow and fewer issues with rubbing.

The Greenguard Muzzle does not absorb moisture, and so it doesn’t have the issues of mold/mustiness, bacteria, and dirt buildup that are often problems with traditional muzzles. It functions much like a flat slow feeder; horses move around to the different openings in the bottom. Because horses are not just focusing on one hole, grazing behavior is more natural and the muzzle wears more evenly and typically lasts longer.

The Greenguard Muzzle restricts intake comparable to a traditional muzzle because of the strategic placement of its openings. Traditional muzzles have a hole in the center, which is typically where horses can get the most grass in a muzzle. The Greenguard, however, is blocked in the center, and horses have to work to get grass from the side openings since there is no grass directly in front of them.

All muzzles come with a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year replacement warranty.

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