Idaho’s Blackfoot High School is gearing up to offer a farriery class to students in the upcoming fall semester, perhaps the first of its kind in the nation, according to KIFI Local News 8.

Cameron Flaming, an agriculture teacher at the high school, will be teaching the students how to trim and shoe horses.

“I think kids really need a hands-on type of experience,” says Flaming.

Flaming explains that after two semesters, students will be able to take care of their own horses. They could then apprentice with an experienced farrier or attend a farrier school. He adds that it’s a great way for students to make money.

“I put myself through college shoeing horses and didn’t have a ton of experience, but the more horses you can get under and shoe and trim, I think that’s the main thing,” says Flaming.

An old greenhouse on school grounds will be converted into the farriery classroom.

Community support is needed for the operation of the class. Blackfoot High School is accepting monetary donations, as well as used shoeing equipment.

Blackfoot HS Offering Farrier Classes

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