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Using half-rounds to deal with a toeing-in problem

Q: I have an 11-year-old Paint horse that toes in with his right foot. He also has arthritis in his fetlock joint on the same leg, due to the stress he puts on that joint from toeing in. He is reasonably sound, but does get lame when ridden too much.

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Frog and Sole Bound

I came across a 2-year old Thoroughbred that was moved to Missouri from Florida this summer. The first farrier the lady had out recommended she call someone else. I was the one she called.

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Wall Seperation
I've recently been called to trim a horse and noticed that the hoof on the off-side front has separated from the coronet front by about 3 inches. After pointing out this problem to the owners, they told me that the horse was totally lame about a week prior and it's now sound and putting full weight on the foot. There's no sign of infection, and during trimming the horse shows no signs of discomfort. There's a lot of movement in the separation opening and you can see a sensitive area that appears to be healthy.
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Should Farriers Lease Their Work Space?

One of the most important - yet often overlooked - aspects of shoeing, is the dangerous and difficult working conditions that farriers must endure. Of all the barns I've ever worked at, only two have made any effort to install the safety improvements I requested! At one large barn, I played electrician (since nobody else would) to install badly needed lighting for an area I often worked in. I received no assistance in this effort. In fact, while I was doing this electrical work, the 'jefe' was working on the barn-owner's sailboat.
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