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Farriers Research Each Day, Why Not Document It?

Collecting and sharing data improves the life of the horse and the industry
Conducting research has a reputation for being a daunting task. Most farriers even find it intimidating. Yet, hoof-care and research share common ground. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary de­fines research as, a “studious inquiry or examination; especially [an] investigation or experimentation aimed at the discovery and interpretation of facts, revision of accepted theories or laws in the light of new facts, or practical application of such new or revised theories or laws.”
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Bringing The Hoof To Scientific Research

AFA Research Committee offers tips to make literature easier to understand
When paging through farriery texts that are more than a century old, readers will note that much of the knowledge that’s contained within is not so different than what is taught today.
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Plenty Of Lessons In Bullying Case Against Queen’s Farrier

Across the pond, the queen’s farrier is in something of a royal mess.
Across the pond, the queen’s farrier is in something of a royal mess. Stuart Craig is accused of using some rather salty language while putting Joseph Hopkins, then 17, through his paces as a farrier’s apprentice.
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Frankly Speaking

Reputations Suffer When Facebook Goes Awry

Among social media sites, Facebook far and away is the most popular among farriers. In part, this popularity is based on two benefits of Facebook: promoting businesses on a local level and discussing footcare with peers on an international stage. But there is a responsibility to conduct oneself as a professional on Facebook to protect that business.
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Great Britain Disbands Farrier Training Agency

Members of the United Kingdom's Farriers Registration Council (FRC) in late June pointed farrier training in an entirely new direction. That's when FRC members voted to disband the National Farrier Training Agency (NFTA) and hand the country's required farrier training over to three colleges that are already training farriers.

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Farrier Apprenticeship Program Suspended In The United Kingdom

For decades, the British farrier apprenticeship program has been held up as the gold standard throughout the world when it comes to training horseshoers. Yet the highly regulated program came under fire on April 15 when the British government's Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) published a report questioning the effectiveness of the farrier apprenticeship program.
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