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The Peak Of The Summit

Footcare pros share some of the moments from the 10th annual International Hoof-Care Summit that left them saying “WOW!”
In the movie Forest Gump, the title character tells a reporter that his mother used to say, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get.”
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Once lameness concerns can be pinpointed, David Hood has had good results in controlling pain with a low-dose of Bute.
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Andrew Elsbree

Dealing With the Web-Wise Horse Owner

Today’s farriers need to realize second opinions are just a mouse-click away

Some farriers wear the fact that they aren’t computer savvy like a badge of honor.

But like it or not, shoers in this day and age are going to be dealing with the Internet and the World Wide Web — even if they never put their fingers on a keyboard or place their palm over a computer mouse.

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Noel Muller maintains you’re probably making a serious mistake when you decide to alter foot balance in hopes of giving your client a horse that strides straight behind.

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Telling Fact From Fiction In Horseshoeing

How to know the difference when looking for truth in the art and science of farriery
Think twice before believing anyone who claims to have the proven, best solutions to your shoeing challenges, warns equine veterinarian William Moyer of Texas A & M University, because the one right answer might not exist.
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David Hood

Know The Critical Changes With Laminitis

Here are 21 things to be on the lookout for when suspecting laminitis

WHILE SOME ARE more prevalent in the acute phase than in the early or late chronic phase, David Hood says numerous conformational or pathologic changes can be present with laminitis.

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