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How Farrier Regulation Might Arrive

When discussing licensing and regulation of an industry in the United States, farriers often think of direct oversight — a government-approved agency to pass rules specific for the trade. This is a reality affecting a minority of farriers, such as certain states requiring track shoers to carry a license. However, for the majority of the industry, government regulation of the trade still doesn’t exist.
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Farrier Licensing: Just The Facts

What does registration, certification and licensing mean for the horseshoeing industry?

When the subject of licensing comes up, there are a multitude of opinions about what it is, what it means and how it should be handled. Sometimes those ideas are rooted in flawed information.

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Online Extras: April 2016 Issue

Web-exclusive content for this issue includes:

  • More advice for using glue-ons
  • Research from the RVC on hoof testers
  • Better rasping practices
  • Special, free eBook on licensing

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International Hoof-Care Summit

2016 How-To Clinic Presentations

Watch the How-To Knowledge Clinics presented by the Educational Partners of the 2016 International Hoof-Care Summit.
Watch the How-To Knowledge Clinics presented by the Educational Partners of the 2016 International Hoof-Care Summit.
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Plenty Of Arguments For And Against Licensing

As some push for regulation, the courts and the White House eye limits

Although there’s a considerable debate being waged over farrier licensing, it’s not an argument that’s unique to this industry.

A number of industries, courts, lawmakers and bureaucrats have been busy sorting through the profusion of perspectives and disputes — and dispensing a few of their own along the way. Much of the information gleaned from these cases and research directly apply to farriery.

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A Historical Look At Farrier Licensing

Back in 2005, American Farriers Journal published a highly controversial 54-page series on farrier licensing and the role that horseshoeing schools played in preparing students for a hoof-care career. To provide the hoof-care industry with a look back at the valuable historical insights on the pros and cons of farrier licensing from 10 years ago, we created this compilation of four of the 18 articles that appeared in that series.
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