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Taking The Time With Each Horse

Decades into his farrier career, Drew Golden still looks for every opportunity to learn from the horse
When he was a young man, being a farrier wasn’t on Drew Golden’s radar. Born on Long Island, N.Y., he didn’t even have much interaction with horses. Instead, his passion rested elsewhere. Golden was an accomplished musician, studying the subject and playing saxophone in bands. He still plays in a band today, making the time between a busy work schedule and family time.
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Grant Moon forging
News & Notes

Hall Of Famers Headline Cornell Farrier Conference

Grant Moon and Bob Pethick discuss importance of forging and managing displaced heels and quarter cracks
A pair of Hall Of Fame farriers headlined the annual Cornell University Farrier Conference on Nov. 14-15 in Ithaca, N.Y. Grant Moon and Bob Pethick performed a number of forging and live shoeing demonstrations, as well as several lectures over the 2-day event.
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Product Knowledge

Hoof Pads 101

Not sure when to use pads in your practice? Here’s an introduction to what’s available and basic information for using each style
It seems that every few months a new pad is introduced to the equine market. For inexperienced farriers, the overwhelming options can create confusion, which discourages pad usage in a practice. Understanding what's available in pads and how they are used will help determine the appropriate pad for the intended use.
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Hoof Care for the Force

Long-time farrier with the NYPD says lessons learned on the job apply to many types of horses and disciplines
Shoeing horses for the New York City Police Department’s mounted units was an eye-opening experience for East Islip, N.Y., farrier Jerry Trapani.
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Pad Choice

Pads for Therapeutic Use

Useful tools in cases of injured or sore horses

During a presentation at the 2006 International Hoof-Care Summit, Blake Brown discussed using various hoof pads in therapeutic situations. Here’s some of what he had to say.

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Frog-Support Pad
Pad Choice

The Frog-Support Pad

Knowing how to use this pad is vital for therapeutic work and useful in day-to-day shoeing

Frog-support pads have become one of the most commonly used pads for therapeutic purposes since their introduction. They are now available in a variety of sizes and configurations, including in both egg bar and wedged-heel patterns.

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panel of farriers
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Proper Application of Pads is Vital to Success

Experts agree pads are useful—just be sure to think about how and why you’re using them
Pads may not have been around quite as long as horseshoes, but they are far from a new invention. Farriers have been adding materials to horseshoes for years — to change a hoof angle, provide added protection, to attempt to alter a horse’s gait — and from just about the first time a farrier added a pad, there was someone else that though he’d made a huge mistake.
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