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Client Interest in Non-Metal Horseshoes Fuels A Growth In Their Use

Less weight, more flexibility and easing concussion are seen as pluses for these alternatives to steel and aluminum
Contrary to popular belief, the concept of non-metal horseshoes is not a recent phenomenon. Some of the first horsemen used sandals made of rice straw or leather to protect their horse's feet. Metal shoes solved obvious durability problems these earlier versions had, but also created the issue of concussion, particularly on hard surfaces.
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Flex-Step Rubber Draft Shoes

This summer, I’m going to outfit a carriage company in a town that requires rubber shoes. Apparently, the town fathers got tired of Borium tearing up the streets.
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Years ago I worked for an outfit that was a horse-drawn theatre company. They bred their own Clydesdales for lots of road work and all we used were the Flex-Step shoes. I took over the shoeing duties from two friends of mine who had worked out most of the bugs with using Flex-Steps.
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