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The Essential Hoof Book

By Susan Kauffmann and Christina Cline
I was hoping that The Essential Hoof Book would be the book written about barefoot trims that would be the “how-to” guide for properly trimming a horse’s foot so it can remain barefoot, without resorting to comments about the evils of horseshoes.
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Booting Up Footcare Options

Farriers are finding boots offer many benefits other than just with barefoot horses
Selecting the proper boot and getting the right fit for a given situation is usually the difference between success and failure. Boots can be dangerous and unreliable when fit by untrained owners or trainers.
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Video & DVD Reviews

Tell Us What Videos You’d Like To See Reviewed
We’d like to rejuvenate the Video & DVD Review pages of American Farriers Journal, and we’re hoping you can help us.
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Backyard Horses Represent $32 Billion In Yearly Expenditures

While the backyard horse doesn't always spark an image of high spending, a closer look at the recreational part of the U.S. horse industry paints a much different picture. Data from the American Horse Council's 'Economic Impact of the Horse Industry On The United States' confirms the size and impact of the recreational horse business.
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