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Nutrient Strategies

Feeding the Easy Keeper

Here’s how your hoof-care clients can feed these horses conservatively, without robbing them of essential nutrients
Every farrier knows a few: those cresty-necked, peach-rumped pasture potatoes whose spines disappear into dimpled grooves along their backs, even though their owners swear they feed them nothing.
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Nutrient Strategies

Feeding the Geriatric Horse

Although horses 20 years and older have special nutritional needs, your clients can keep them healthy through their golden years by paying attention to their special needs
The major concern among farriers working with geriatric horses is normally whether their arthritic joints have made it difficult for them to hold their feet up long and high enough to be trimmed. But while you're working under an equine senior citizen, it's difficult not to notice when they begin to get ribby.
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Nutrient Strategies

Hay is for Horses

It’s the basis of every equine diet, yet its nutritional content is often poorly understood

From their wide, flat molars, designed for grinding tough, gritty stems, to their gastrointestinal tracts, which process the nutrition bound in fibrous plants, horses are equipped to get the maximum benefit out of food sources that many other species of animals reject.

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Nutrient Strategies

Pasture Perfect

Pass these tips along to your hoof-care clients for maintaining healthy and productive pastures
Horsemen, veterinarians and farriers alike have always been aware of the value of “Dr. Green.”
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Nutrient Strategies

Creep Feeding Makes Sense for Foals

Specialized grain ration increases growth and minimizes weaning stress.
The studies have been done, the jury is in and the verdict is unanimous. If your footcare clients want their foals to achieve optimum growth, with the least risk of developmental orthopedic disorders like contracted tendons and physitis, they should "creep feed."
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