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Judge Throws Out Horse’s Lawsuit

A horse named Justice filed a lawsuit against its owner after being neglected, but an Oregon judge threw out the case, saying horses cannot file lawsuits because they cannot assert “legal rights and duties in a court of law,” as reported by ABC News.
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Legal Notes For Shoers

Farrier Malpractice - What You Need To Know

Because we live in a litigious society, you’ve got to be aware of the law
You just opened a letter written bya lawyer, and it accuses you of malpractice. The lawyer was hired by one of your customers named Bill.
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Think You’re Safe From Being Sued? Think Again!

Not only do you have to protect yourself from being sued, but you may be held responsible for your apprentices or students even when you’re not supervising them
A day doesn’t go by that we don’t hear about somebody being sued. Turn on the radio and you’ll hear about a big tobacco company settling a billion-dollar lawsuit out of court. Flip on the TV at night and you’ll likely have to choose between a sitcom or a lawyer-based drama involving big-dollar court proceedings.
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