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3 Methods for Patching Hoof Wall

New York farrier details his successful strategies for repairing voids
The hoof capsule is a remarkable structure. It’s designed to absorb and dissipate energy, among many other tasks. When there’s a void or the hoof capsule is not working properly, its ability to function correctly is compromised.
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Giving Your Opinion For A Pre-Purchase Exam

It is important to reserve your opinions on a horse specifically related to its footcare
Before purchasing a horse, it is common for buyers to contact a veterinarian for advice on the animal prior to the sale. Wise buyers also will seek the expertise of a farrier during the evaluation. After all, farriers are the ultimate experts on the hooves and these days it is increasingly important for owners to understand the hoof health in relation to the rest of the horse.
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Remembering Lim Couch

Friends and colleagues recall how the Hall Of Fame farrier touched their lives
On June 13, renowned horseshoer Lim Couch passed away at the age of 75. Couch owned MidSouth Farrier Supply in Hernando, Miss., and was the former owner of MidSouth Horseshoeing Academy and Briarwood Stables.
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On the Fence?

Read some of your contemporaries’ testimonials on why the Summit is a terrific experience
When a new hoof-care tool comes out, do you solely rely on the manufacturers' input? When it is time for a new truck or trailer, so you only talk to the dealer?
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Defining your Web Site's Mission

Whether your business’s site presents a boilerplate message or is an intricate information source, determine what it should be before creating it
Before you launch a Web site for your farrier business, you have to determine its purpose. Will you use it to attract new customers, address your current clients or sell products? Like any other project, you need to have a clear set of goals before heading down the path of building a Web site.
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Alternatives to Traditional Shoes

Having proved themselves much more than a fad years ago, non-metal shoes have become essential tools for many farriers in helping horses
Non-metal horseshoes, in their most rudimentary form, date back to the ancients with a grass sandal protecting the hoof. In the modern era, as technology advanced, farriers gained a variety of options made from synthetic materials.
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Digital Farrier Series

Integrating Digital Photography with your Work

Affordable and compact, digital cameras are helping farriers document their work and adjust their approach to business
Using cameras to catalog your work isn't a new idea to farriery. Until recently, many shoers would use a 35 mm film camera to document horses' feet. In those days, one would shoot pictures, turn in the film at a developer and, a few days later when the pictures were ready, collect the photos and hope they turned out OK.
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