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More On Hot Shaping Shoes:

Trim, Shape, Measure The Foot

It all depends on your perspective of the question. If you are referring to the shoe selection and shaping of the shoe hot vs. cold then my advice would be to trim, shape and measure the foot before going to the anvil.
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A Room to Roam

Farrier Rich Cleland was aiming for a portable workshop when he put the pieces together for his perfect rig
Words such as "sharp", "sporty" and even "pretty" accurately describe Rich Cleland's shoeing rig, but they don't do justice to how functional and comfortable it is.
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Shoeing for a Living

Farriery Farm Aid

Nebraska's Gregg Kremer started shoeing to try and save the family homestead
A few years back, Gregg Kremer was right in the middle of an unfortunate continuing economic story — and he wasn't enjoying it much.
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How To

Try These Concave Shoe-Fitting Tips

During the recent American Farrier's Association convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, Billy Crothers from Wales outlined a dozen valuable ideas to help you more effectively fit shoes.
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Back To The Basics

Rocker Toes Ease Breakover And Maintain Support

This modification may also add life to your shoes
Rocker toes are an excellent way to change the breakover of the foot. With a rocker toe, you can move the breakover back while still supporting the dorsal hoof wall. This is one advantage that a rocker toe has over a square toe.
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