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Going The Distance With Endurance Horses

Understanding the horse’s conformation and the inconsistent terrain it will be racing on will keep these equine athletes going strong
Moving targets are nothing new to seasoned farriers. Many, if not most, try to apply a shoe on one every day. Yet, those who care for the feet of endurance horses might be considered sharpshooters while trying to keep these athletes competing.
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12 Reasons Why Stumbling May Not Be a Horseshoeing Problem

Before you follow an owner’s or trainer’s instructions to modify a shoe, consider these other reasons why a horse is stumbling
Farriers often hear an owner say, "My horse stumbled, so my trainer said to tell you to rocker the toes." Many trainers and owners believe that a rolled or rocker toe is all that is needed to "correct" stumbling.
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Pat Tearney
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Share Your Most Common Hoof-Care Challenges

Searches of our website indicate high-low syndrome is No. 1

A recent review of terms searched for on our website, seems to confirm the belief of many farriers that high-low syndrome is virtually endemic among U.S. horses.

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Management Of Long Toe, Low Heel In Hunters And Jumpers

This common foot problem presents a real challenge for farriers
There are very few advantages to having had a lot of birthdays and some gray in your hair, but the big benefit is having a lot of experience and a personal sense of history. In the 40 years I have been shoeing hunters and jumpers, I have witnessed a lot of changes. The biggest is the shift from using ex-racing Thoroughbreds to European warmbloods as the primary breeds.
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Inside the Perimeter: Setting The Shoe Back

Shoeing to support caudal support that doesn't have to be complicated and helps a lot of horses

As we all know, each association has its own set of guidelines for judging competence as far as certifications and competitions are concerned. However, the "perimeter fit" is not the only method for shoeing a horse, though many times it is the most appropriate one.

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