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Sometimes Taking your Best Shot Isn't the Wisest Course

I had a customer call me tonight asking about putting a hospital plate on a young horse that has an abscess. I have an idea that I need to fit a shoe and cut an aluminum plate to fit it, drill holes through the plate, drill holes in the shoe and tap them. I need to use bolts in holes — careful not to go through to hoof. Do I have all of this right?

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The Right Shoe

Peekaboo Vs. Hospital Plates

Consider two options for bruise protection or easier hoof medication

AT TIMES, there are good reasons for using a plate to cover the sole area of a horse’s foot. It may be to protect a bruised sole or frog or for keeping medication in the proper place.

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GS Bar Shoe
The Right Shoe

Still Another Option With Bar Shoes

Here's an easy solution when ready-made bar shoes aren't just right
A bar shoe is one of the most basic of all shoes for the treatment of hoof ailments and lameness. And we know that a horse needs to be shod if it is to be placed into any type of regular service.
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The Right Shoe

When You Want To Stabilize Just Part Of A Foot

With cutouts, and aluminum stabilizer leaves enough metal to protect the frog and heel area
Applied between the foot and the horseshoe, a stabilizer that is made from high-grade aluminum provides extra protection to parts of the hoof.
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Joe Trhlik

Running With The Rules

Racetrack farriers need to know not just what horse they’re shoeing, but where and how he’ll be competing

 There's more to being a racetrack farrier than being able to shoe a horse for maximum speed and performance. 

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