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Metallurgy: How Much Do You Need to Know?

While not necessary to shoe horses, a working knowledge of how steel is made and reacts to heat and pressure can make a good career great
If you’re a horseshoer, you work with metal every day. But how much do you have to really know about metallurgy — the science underlying the working of metal — to be successful? That might depend on how you define success and what kind of farrier you want to be.
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Give Your Hammer A Face-Lift

If your rounding hammer has lost its crown, refinishing it will improve your forging work
When maintaining tools, we immediately think of pritchels, forepunches and such. How many of us, though, stop and think about repairing the face of our hammers?
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Nothing Goes to Waste in This Farrier’s Shop

For this instructor, the most important lesson in his shop is to think outside the box when at the forge
Growing up in a family that bred Quarter Horses, there was no doubt that Sonny Pistilli was going to make a career in the equine industry. It was through the need to tack on a shoe that he became a farrier. In 1965, his farrier couldn't make it out to put a shoe back on a prized show horse. The judge disqualified the horse for only wearing three shoes. He began riding with his mentor, the legendary Seamus Brady, to learn the basics in case he found himself in a pinch again. After 5 months, he was hooked on the trade.
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Finding The Right Hammer

To obtain the best fit with any hammer you use, adjusting the tool may be as important as selection
Whether it is for driving nails, shaping shoes or drawing clips, the hammer's fit should be based on the user's preference. There are no secrets or tricks when it comes to finding the right hammer for you. You want a hammer that feels good, delivers the performance you need and has durability. Whether you go with the best or buy an entry-level instrument, your hammer is the right hammer when it delivers accuracy and efficiency in your everyday work.
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Mint Vale Hammers

Don't Depend on Luck When Choosing a Specialty Hammer

Here are tips to consider when you’re craving new tools and checking out the possibilities this winter
’Tis the season. Days grow shorter and the skies threaten snow. Barns sit quiet. Horses stand barefoot. Farriers slow down and start daydreaming about the shiny new tools in magazine ads and winter trade show booths.
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