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The Right Time and Place for Corrective Shoes

When horses return to work or to the show ring, a farrier must carefully evaluate the effect of continued use of therapeutic shoes
There are almost as many types of shoes as there are horses to wear them. Available in different weights, sizes and shapes, they're also made from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, synthetics, titanium and even rawhide.
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Building and Using the Half Bar

A shoeing alternative that provides frog support in cases such as sheared heels or partial hoof-wall avulsion
The half-bar shoe is an aptly named frog-support shoe offering unilateral frog support while increasing ground reaction forces to one-half of the hoof (Figure 1).
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Preventing and Treating White Line Disease

Bacteria and fungi are the direct causes of this condition, but hoof-care mistakes can be a contributing factor
While we are all familiar with white line disease in its advanced stages, there is no reason a horse should suffer from advanced lesions if we are diligent and observant in our day-to-day shoeing.
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