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Nutrient Strategies

Good Nutrition Aids in Preventing Costly Hoof Problems

Are Hoof Problems Caused More Often By Poor Nutrition Or By Improper Hoof Care?
Healthy hooves are certainly an important part of having a healthy horse. And while many factors contribute to overall hoof health, a well-balanced diet and proper hoof care are among the most important.
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Balancing Nutrition For Healthy Hooves

Proper diet plays key role in footcare for your horseshoeing clients
Common factors influencing the quality of the hoof are genetics, environment, farriery and nutrition. The horse’s hoof is made up of or affected by all components of the equine diet, including protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
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Shoeing For The Long Run

WHILE MOST farriers agree that a properly balanced diet is the best way to help a horse maintain healthy hooves, there are many other measures that should be addressed when shoeing a horse for endurance riding.
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