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The Importance Of Nutrition To The Equine Foot

The equine foot is a miracle of engineering and a design that is unique in the animal kingdom. Other ungulates (animals that walk on their toes) have shock absorbing mechanisms ranging from a cloven hoof to the very soft and cushiony foot of an elephant, camel, rhino, etc.
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While heel studs can keep feet from slipping when a horse gallops over grass, their ultimate biomechanical effects are still not fully understood.
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Texas Farrier's Timesaving Tips

A few minutes spent organizing and planning your shoeing day will get you home earlier and feeling better
Tommy Boudreau, a Mineral Springs, Texas, farrier, at work making shoes in his shop so they'll be ready for the next day's shoeing. Whether shoeing one horse or a dozen, improving your efficiency in trimming and shoeing is an important key to success.
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Deciphering Gait Irregularities

Not all faults are foot related, but farriers will often be the first people asked to do something about them.
Gait faults are not always due to issues in the leg, but farriers will often be the first people to be asked about them by trainers and horse owners. Farriers can greatly enhance their value to their clients by learning to read shoe wear and how to differentiate between gait faults that are due to conformation defects, and those that might be related to a lameness issue.
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Hoof-Care Industry Honors Halls Of Fame Inductees

Dedication and lifetime achievements are trademarks of the “Class of 2006”

Honoring dedication to the craft and life-long achievement of high quality work, the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame and the International Equine Veterinarians Hall Of Fame each inducted four dynamic professionals into their exclusive ranks during February.

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