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Farrier Tips

Need Sole Support? Raid The Toy Box

Shoeing international sport horses often forces a farrier to use some creativity to solve problems. If a horse you're shoeing needs a little extra support, U.S. Olympic team farrier Steve Teichman suggests raiding your child's toy box.
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Hoof Packing

Delivering Sole Support Through Hoof Packing

Understanding the foot’s internal structures and the materials you are using is crucial for properly applying hoof packing for sole support
Regardless of the reason for using hoof packing, the options have certainly broadened since pine tar and oakum were the preferred ingredients for many applications. This is especially true when using packing to provide sole support.
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Product Knowledge

Hoof Packing: Answer 'Why' Before Using Hoof Packing

With the variety of types and uses, think about how you plan on using hoof packing and what you hope to accomplish
Hoof packing isn't a new product for farriers. Home remedies and combinations like pine tar and oakum have been around for generations. And while the hoof packings used years ago are still effective and hold their own, manufacturers continue to introduce new ideas in this product line, trying to better address the specific problems. It is your responsibility to understand these before you use them.
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Success with Laminitis!

This Florida farrier has had great success with immediate sole support and veterinarians’ help
Laminitis has always been an extremely elusive disease. Even though tons of research has been done on its mechanisms and causes, nobody knows for sure how to prevent it. However, even if we don’t know how to avoid it, maybe we can still cure it.
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