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Measurement Of The Hoof-Pastern Axis For Foot Management

The benefit of this system in the consistency and measurability of the hoof-pastern axis
As footcare professionals know, the angle formed by the bony column of the phalanges with the hoof wall is referred to as the hoof-pastern axis (HPA), and is considered ideal when the dorsal surface of the hoof is parallel to the alignment of the digital bones (Figure 1).1
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Farrier Tips: Thinking About The Hinds

Some common problems of the hind limb involve the foot and fall in the realm of farriery. In this age of specialization, some of these problems are breed or discipline specific.One common issue is forging.
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Farriers' Roundtable

When tracking a case of long toe and collapsed heels with a broken-back pastern axis, dressing the dorsal hoof wall to improve the hoof-pastern axis can be risky. You can be left with little or no hoof wall.
Generally speaking, I believe when you sacrifice the integrity of the hoof wall to change the mechanics of the foot, you’ve potentially created a new problem without effectively addressing the original issue.
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Veterinarians' Roundtable

Following an emergency foot or limb surgery in which the farrier was not present for the diagnosis of the issue or treatment, what and how will you directly communicate information to the farrier to ensure the hoof care follows your goals for long-term recovery?
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A Pain in the Back End

Four veterinarians discuss the all-too-common problem of palmar foot pain

How many horses in your practice battle palmar foot pain, riding that razor edge between working soundness and days off? Pain originating in the palmar or rearward section of the foot isn’t a very specific diagnosis, but it certainly affects a lot of horses — and thereby a lot of farriers.

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