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Performance And Conformation

At higher levels of competition, understanding how a horse is put together becomes increasingly important
It’s natural for hoof-care professionals to focus primarily on a horse’s lower limbs as they work, but a general knowledge of equine anatomy and conformation is also important. This knowledge becomes more critical for those who work on performance horses. The higher the level of performance, the more critical that knowledge becomes.
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Paying special attention to the conformation of a horse’s foot is particularly important, maintains Susan Dyson, an equine veterinarian and the head of clinical orthopedics at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket, England
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Major Veterinary Groups Call For Ban On Action Devices Performance Packages In Tennessee Walking Horse Industry

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) today called for a ban on the use of action devices and performance packages in the training and showing of Tennessee Walking Horses. These devices and packages are implicated in the practice of soring, which is the abusive act of intentionally inflicting pain to accentuate a horse's gait.
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Reseach Zeros in on Racetrack Surfaces

Focus of Jockey Club White Paper on hoof-ground interaction has important information for farriers
Among many other factors, it's clear that careful maintenance of racetrack surfaces is critical. A recent white paper analyzing the composition, performance and safety of racing surfaces (1) contains critical concepts for farriers regarding the interaction between the hoof and the ground at each phase of the footfall and the role of the farrier in influencing that interaction.
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Veteran farriers

Confidence to Handle High-End Performance Horses

Veteran farriers weigh in on how to improve your confidence for working with moneymaking horses
Regardless of a farrier's client base, confidence in one's ability is necessary. Whether it is your first shoeing job or hundredth, you need to gauge your level of knowledge and go about your practice with certainty.
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In Defense Of Shoes

The six winners of the Mustad’s scholarship essay contest describe why horses should be shod

Shoeing allows farriers to provide five benefits to horses: protection, traction, correction, therapeutic and performance. Most horses today are used for performance and pleasure. The duties that owners ask of their horses are tough and can be physically hard on the animals. With special shoes, horses are able to perform amazing moves with less stress to the hoof and all structures supported by it.

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Product Knowledge

Farrier-Developed Software Records Visual Documentation

Photo histories become convenient, video can be slowed to reveal gait problems to the human eye, helping farriers gain owners’ support as horses grow sounder

As the world of horse care becomes more technical, clients expect more and more from farriers. Many farriers have begun using digital pictures and videos to document changes in a horse’s shoeing, lameness and performance. How do farriers educate their clients when it comes to these concerns?

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Practical Tool Tips

83 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Shoeing Tools

Check these practical shoeing tool tips, tricks and techniques you can put to use tomorrow morning in your shoeing work
When you're looking for new ways to get better performance out of your shoeing tools, the best way is to swap ideas with other farriers.

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Delta Mustad Clinic

3/17/18 8:30 am EST
Horseshoes Plus
8 Oak Hill Road
Barrington, NH
United States
Contact: Bruce
Delta Mustad is hosting a clinic in Barrington, N.H. Read More

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