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A Guideline To Expect The Expected And Unexpected

Determining what it costs to work with each horse is a valuable tool for determining the profitability of your practice
There are differences in how every farrier approaches his or her business. Still, the most common and effective way to manage the finances of a farrier business remains knowing what it costs to shoe a horse.
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State, Local Jurisdictions Cloud Sales Tax Collection For Hoof-Care Providers

Where you live and work has a impact on what you need to collect from clients in sales taxes
Paying taxes is an inevitable part of operating a business. Depending on where you live in the United States, sales tax is a mandatory part of taxation and the billing process of a farrier practice. Unfortunately, the lack of uniformity makes collecting sales tax confusing.
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Frankly Speaking: The Complexity Of Paying Your Farrier Help

In late May, the Illinois House of Representatives and Senate passed a $15 minimum wage bill. Currently, Illinois’ minimum wage is $8.25. Should this plan pass the governor’s desk, the full $15 rate would be reached in 2022 for those age 18 and older. At the time of press, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner had yet to sign this bill, and isn’t expected to do so.
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Briefings March 2016

Memory Foam Orthotic Can Comfort Horses

Ethylene-vinyl acetate — better known as memory foam — is noted for its softness and flexibility. Manufacturers use it for mattresses, pillows and shoe liners to provide comfort and support for human consumers. Lake Elmo, Minn., farrier Scott Lampert uses them for the same reasons with horses by placing a lightweight memory foam pad under a foot.

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Legal Notes For Shoers

Employee or Independent Contractor?

Make sure you know the differences when you arrange for on-the-job help.
In an effort to curb the high costs associated with keeping employees, many business people in the equine industry simply label their workers “independent contractors” instead of “employees.”
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Save Money With Insurance

Marry someone with lots of money and employment benefits! Or read on...
Like a lot of people, I’ve avoided the insurance system whenever possible, usually only dealing with it when I have to renew my auto coverage and shop for the lowest premiums. I know there’s a lot of legislation on the running and taxing of the insurance industry that I just don’t care to untangle.
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Keep It Legal! Taking Care of Business

Now that the quality of shoeing has improved over the last 25 years, this farrier says attention should be shifted to making sure farrier businesses run smoothly...and legally
WHATEVER YOUR PLANS are for the next five minutes, change them. Stop and think about how far your industry has come in the last quarter century.
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