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Changing the Way You Work

With bodily pain and discomfort, you must pay attention to what your body is telling you
Most farriers can list a number of physical ailments. For some it's the back. Others suffer from tennis elbow. But what few realize is that a simple change of posture under the horse and beginning daily exercise can ward off part of the cumulative work trauma.
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When American Farriers Journal readers provided data for the 2008 Farrier Business Practices Survey (see Pages 19 to 28), they were asked to estimate the percentage of horses living in their area that get different levels of hoof care. Here’s how the national averages worked out:

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Harold Thomas

This Farrier Takes a Beating

Horseshoers submit their bodies to an unusual amount of wear and tear, and most don’t consider the long-term consequences
All horseshoers know that what they do for a living is hard on their bodies, but most choose to ignore the fact.
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Local Association Spotlight

Cornell Honors Its Horseshoeing Tradition

Displays celebrate school’s farriers of the past and the present
Cornell University’s heritage and tradition of advancing farriery is one of the truly great ones among American institutions of higher learning.
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