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Getting the Right Fit With Aluminum

Solid tips from people who have learned their way around working with these important shoes
Aluminum horseshoes are not new. They've been around for several decades now and are the shoe of choice at racetracks and for many disciplines. Trainers choose aluminum shoes when they want less weight, more flotation or because they think they absorb shock better than steel.
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Driving Hammer Test Drives

There's no shortage of choices in this tool, but what should the beginner look for?
Farriers are known to be particular about their tools — none more so that the driving hammer – which comes into play every time a shoe is nailed onto the hoof.
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Product Focus

Nailing Essentials

An often-overlooked part of shoeing, there are many time-saving tips, tricks and techniques to improve your nailing efficiency

Farriers all have varying techniques, systems and methods that they use for shoeing horses.

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Round Pritchel Won't Make Square Holes

But a quick fix-it can keep farriers working efficiently

A MISSHAPEN PRITCHEL that won’t punch clean nail holes can cause problems, such as holes that seize the nails being driven into a hoof wall.

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How To

Keep Your Anvil In Peak Condition

Here are solid tips for keeping your anvil looking brand new and repair ideas to get long life out of this often overlooked piece of equipment
There's probably nothing easier to take for granted than your anvil.
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