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Marketing Yourself Pays Off

When Rosevine, Texas, farrier Ralph Hampton meets someone for the first time, you can bet the topic will eventually turn to horses. Hampton admits that some of his colleagues don’t like, nor understand why he’s adamant about marketing his hoof-care practice.
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AFJ Top Search Topic: Lost Shoes

During the previous week, "Lost Shoes" was a top 10 searched term on the AFJ website. Because this is a popular search subject recently, we've shared a November 1999 American Farriers Journal article by farrier Steve Kraus.
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Solving the Mystery of Lost Shoes

Educating your clients about how this happens will enable your business to run more smoothly
Lost horseshoes are a nightmare for horse owners as well as horseshoers. For the horse owner it never fails to happen at the most inopportune time.
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"If a shoe is lost and the client is willing to wait for me to fix the problem at my convenience, I usually don't charge extra when they have the shoe," says Michael Chisham. "If they don't have the shoe, I try to use an old shoe that will do the job and charge $10. I leave old shoes at the barns so clients have them in case of an emergency."
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Online With The Farriers' Forum

Pulled shoes, using side clips on front shoes
Q: I need some advice with a shoeing problem. I hot shoe all my horses, as I have found this cuts down heaps on lost shoes. I have one horse, however, that constantly loses his front shoes. The shoes usually hold for the first 3 to 4 weeks, then they almost always fall off. This happens only on this particular horse that most often is ridden on rocky trails.
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Dealing With Lost Shoes

End your frustrations with this concern by knowing when the farrier, the owner, the rider or the horse is to blame
A LOST SHOE is among the more frustrating situations that horse owners and farriers experience.
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