Branding Your Business For Success

A livestock brand is a mark unique to the owner, allowing the animal to be instantly recognizable as property. A business brand serves a similar purpose - it lets potential customers quickly assess who and what you're all about and whether your services or products are a good fit for their needs.
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Apprentice Before Going Out On Your Own

The art and craft of horseshoeing used to be passed on from master to apprentice, but today there are schools, books, DVDs and other opportunities and tools available for learning. However, apprenticeships still provide the best way to learn the trade.
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Use Facebook to Improve Marketing

Through recent changes and established practices, Facebook has several tools to help farriers attract new business and reach out to current clients
One of every seven people worldwide has a Facebook account. Some check Facebook the minute they get up, and it’s often the last thing they do before hitting the hay.
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The Farrier Apprentice

Making The Most Of An Apprenticeship

A good work ethic coupled with the enthusiasm and ability to learn will always serve apprentices well
In the March 2012 issue of American Farriers Journal, we looked at apprenticing and internships from the view of the mentoring farrier and business owner.
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What To Do When Insects Are Bugging You

By educating your clients, you can train them to be part of the solution in battling flying pests
Flies and other winged insects are part of our world, with their own place and function in nature’s ecology. Still, that’s a small consolation when they’re biting you or the horse you’re working on.
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Rig Safety is Every Farrier's Business

From proper propane storage to solid driving practices, ensure safety when traveling from client to client
The slogan “safety is everybody’s business” is a common one, but if you’re the business owner, you can also add “the buck stops here” when it comes to shoeing rig safety. If you’re not paying attention to it, who is?
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10 Questions to Answer Before Buying a Shoeing Rig

Thoughtful research and planning are crucial when selecting a new shoeing rig. Whether it's your first truck or trailer, an upgrade to accommodate a new aspect of your practice, a second rig to use part-time in another state or the "dream rig" you've been wanting for years, mapping out what you like is a good way to get exactly what you need and avoid buyer's remorse.
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