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12 Ways for Farriers and Veterinarians to Improve Working Together

Farrier Shane Westman pulls from his experiences as a farrier at a veterinary teaching hospital to improve veterinarian-farrier relationships
Last year, Shane Westman wrote a reflective paper on a personal experience of professional communication breakdown. For this paper, he selected a case from his private farrier practice in Washington in which conflict placed the client between him and the veterinarian.
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Idea for Offering A Haul-in Service

New Mexico farrier Brad Dirickson is changing how he approaches the business of farriery to extend his career
The most important tool for farriers is their body. Yet, over the span of a career, the body breaks down due to cumulative destruction generated by the day-to-day work. No farrier has ever beat Father Time.
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Shoeing For A Living

Shoeing Show Jumpers in Wellington

John Favicchia shares keys for success when shoeing show jumpers during the Winter Equestrian Festival.
John Favicchia inherited a love of horses from his father, also named John. So passionate about horses, the elder Favicchia moved out of the city and bought a rundown farm in North Salem, N.Y., refurbishing it over several years.
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