Pat Tearney

Pat Tearney

Pat Tearney is a long-term newspaper and magazine veteran writer and editor. Before retiring, he served for a number of years on the American Farriers Journal staff and continues to share his writing talents with our readers.



The Case for Concave

The ability of these shoes to add traction and coverage with less weight can add to the versatility of your shoeing
Concave horseshoes seem to be making inroads in the United States market, but there’s no doubt they have nowhere near the share of the market they have in Europe, particularly the United Kingdom.
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Getting More Out of Your Hoof Nippers

This tool is a mainstay of hoof-care work so be sure to find a pair that will suit your needs
Hoof nippers may get more use than any other single tool in the average farrier’s toolbox. For Chris Gregory, that’s reason enough to make sure that you pick the right pair for the job and develop a good system for using them.
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Shoeing For A Living

Making the Thoroughbred Rounds

Bluegrass farrier’s typical day takes him from foals, through yearlings to working racehorses
The Lexington, Ky., farrier, who has been shoeing Thoroughbred horses in the Bluegrass Country for 27 years, spends his mornings at area breeding barns, where he might handle a foal’s foot for the first time, trim a barn full of brood mares or nail the first pair of shoes on the front feet of a yearling just before a sale.
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Tool Care

Tool Maintenance: Down to the Numbers

Wear and tear adds up, one hammer blow or usage at a time
When Dan Bradley discusses farrier tool maintenance, the numbers just keep piling up. And the farrier from Lucedale, Miss., and longtime clinician with G.E. Forge & Tool, says those numbers don’t lie.
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Hammering it Home

Manufacturers offer tips and advice on selecting the right nail for the job and putting it in the right place
Certain things about horseshoeing never seem to change, and among those are the traditional guidelines for nailing.
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Shoeing For A Living

A Shoeing Career Built On A Strong Foundation

Attention to top-notch service has paid off for Florida farrier Daryl Bean

The first and only stop on Daryl Bean's "Shoeing For A Living" day is a good testimony to the importance of giving every horse and client top-notch service.

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Local Association Spotlight

Calgary Mail-In Presents

A pair of roadsters is at the center of the 2011 exercise
The 2011 Calgary Mail-In Exercise presents a double-barreled challenge to entrants. Farriers will be asked to forge not just one shoe, but two: A pair of roadsters, to be precise.
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Shoeing for a Living

Practice, Practice, Practice

Dedication and drive take Colorado farrier Jim Quick from mass-production shoeing at dude ranches to top dressage horses
Jim Quick is starting his day of “Shoeing For A Living” early this morning. He’s driven into the heart of Denver, Colo., from his home in Longmont, some 45 minutes to the north.
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