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Developing And Maintaining Your Hoof-Care Business Plan

Recognize your worth and know how to set your prices.
I believe that the difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people work on a vision of their lives every day. Successful people create their lives actively, while unsuccessful people passively wait to see where their lives take them.
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Bob Smith
A Farrier's Viewpoint

Evaluating Farrier Certification Testing

Horseshoeing schools, AFA, need to work together to establish a program that can be beneficial to all
The American Farrier’s Associa-tion Education Committee, which I chair, has been given the task of developing a plan to increase the pass rate of AFA Certification testing. This is a standing mandate for the Education Committee.
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Video Reviews

These reviews give insight into videos worth viewing in two categories: the professional farrier category for those wishing to learn more about shoeing ideas, and the horse owner category for those wanting to better understand corrective shoeing ideas.
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