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2012 AAEP Convention

[Video] Kevin Keeler

At the 2012 AAEP Convention, American Farriers Journal editor/publisher Frank Lessiter speaks with Kevin Keeler of Equine Innovations about the value of hoof stands.
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New Summit “Sounding Board” Members

American Farriers Journal welcomes 11 industry leaders to the International Hoof-Care Summit Advisory Board
Much of the success the International Hoof-Care Summit has enjoyed is due to the American Farriers Journal staff listening closely to the wants and needs of those of you involved in professional hoof care.
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Product Innovation

A Look at 35 Years of New and Better Hoof-Care Products

Survey indicates farriers, other hoof-care professionals have benefited from quality, quantity and diversity of offerings
On the road to putting together our list of the 35 Biggest Hoof-Care Product Improvements, we discovered several things; first of all, that it would be easy to put together a list of more than 35 products — but not quite so easy to mention 35 by brand name.
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The Low-Down on Keeping a Hoof Low

Mirror, Hoofjack and a grinder keep a horse with a locked knee more comfortable and a farrier safer
Farriers frequently run into situations when they want to keep the hoof of a horse low as they trim and work on it. It's a fairly common practice with older horses or those experiencing joint soreness or that have suffered hock and fetlock injuries.
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Product Focus

Watch Your Back

If your toolbox is not both farrier and horse friendly, it’s not doing the job you need it to do

When it comes to protecting both yourself and the horse you’re working on, there are some serious safety issues to consider when selecting the toolbox that best fits your practice. To protect their backs and to get early warning signals that the horse behind them may be ready to make a dangerous move, more farriers are looking closer at the advantages of using a taller toolbox equipped with wheels.

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International Hoof-Care Summit Delivers On Its Promise Of Ideas

Presenters and attendees from around the globe gather to share their thoughts on doing right by the horse in ways old and new

The 2008 International Hoof-Care Summit again lived up to its name. The event’s emphasis on high-quality education drew nearly 800 dedicated hoof-care professionals. They came from almost every state in the U.S. and 15 foreign countries, including such faraway spots as Japan, South Africa, Australia, China and numerous European nations.

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The Summit's 'Hey' Moments

Hall Of Fame farrier lists some of the ideas he picked up at the year’s event

The old cliché about the basic qualifications for a farrier being a strong back and a weak mind certainly took a beating from the presenters at the fifth annual International Hoof-Care Summit. A high degree of expertise and sophisticated thinking was evident and in abundance.

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