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Working For Vet Clinics Pays Off For Horseshoers

Independent veterinary clinics provide opportunities for farriers searching to expand their practice and take on challenging work
Veterinary clinics can handle a wide variety of needs ranging from reproduction to internal medicine. Many of the independent facilities across the United States and Canada have podiatry needs. With that need, these clinics and hospitals need farriers who are part of the team.
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Getting Ahead With Glue-On Shoes

Good planning and attention to detail will help you master this skill so you can better serve your clients and their horses
Invariably, the time will come when you get a desperate call telling you that Spot has pulled his shoe off - with most of the foot still attached to it. After affirming that the foot is not bleeding and Spot is still walking on it, you can assure the client that Spot is not permanently damaged and can be helped.
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Client Interest in Non-Metal Horseshoes Fuels A Growth In Their Use

Less weight, more flexibility and easing concussion are seen as pluses for these alternatives to steel and aluminum
Contrary to popular belief, the concept of non-metal horseshoes is not a recent phenomenon. Some of the first horsemen used sandals made of rice straw or leather to protect their horse's feet. Metal shoes solved obvious durability problems these earlier versions had, but also created the issue of concussion, particularly on hard surfaces.
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Getting Started With Foal Extensions

Before you start applying these useful products, be sure you understand the condition you’re trying to address
Horse breeders are some of the most daring gamblers in the world. The enterprise is full of risks, from getting the mare in foal, keeping her in foal to term and finally delivering a live foal that is correct and strong.
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Walking The Fine Line On Foals

Dealing with young horses presents another example of the importance of using your mind, developing your eye

Dealing with young horses presents another example of the importance of using your mind, developing your eye.

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Passing The Club Foot Exam

Not all club feet are the same, so understanding grading systems can help you better determine how best to help a particular foal with this all-too-common problem
I was curious to see if club feet in horses was a topic of interest to the horse-owning public. I Googled it and came up with over 42,000 hits.
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Shoeing for a Living

Staying Current Along The Mississippi

Louisiana shoer Jimmy Gore flourishes by maintaining high standards and adapting to a changing horse-and-owner population
It's not hot on the bayou on this late February morning near Baton Rouge, La. Spring is running a little late this year, as it is for much of the country.
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