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More Study Necessary For Hoof Supplements, Vet Says

“Although some studies support biotin supplementation, research on other ingredients commonly included in hoof supplements is needed,” warns Bryan Waldridge, head veterinarian for Kentucky Equine Research. “It is important that owners realize that dietary supplements are not a quick fix, and imbalances in the mineral content of a horse’s diet can wreck havoc on hooves.”
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Nutrition: A Piece Of The Footcare Puzzle

Researchers share how our understanding of nutrition contributes to keeping hooves healthy
We know that proper nutrition is important for every function of living beings. In a general sense, horse people recognize this for equine hoof health. Research over the years regarding dietary needs of livestock and horses and its relation to hoof health have put science behind our observations.
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Hoof Supplements: Feeding the Foot

Diet has an important role in hoof health, but feed changes alone won’t solve all potential problems
What you feed your horse affects hoof health, but some horse owners take this concept too far. They fall into the trap of thinking they can resolve any hoof problem by feeding hoof supplements.
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Balanced Diet Leads To Healthy Hooves

Much like the canary in the coal mine that identifies a dangerous situation, nutrient deficiencies often show up in the hoof wall and sole growth before they’re readily observed in the rest of the horse
Their show hunter, the owners tell you, pulls its head to one side, fights with the rider and has straightness issues. As you examine the horse, you find excessive wear on the left toe.
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Nutrient Strategies

Balanced Rations are Essential for More Hoof Growth

What are the most critical interactions between nutrients and hoof growth?
When considering the most critical interactions between nutrients and hoof growth, keep in mind that a balanced delivery of nutrients to meet the overall requirement of the horse is important.
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