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2020 Farrier Business Success Academy

Liability Can Ruin Your Practice

Attorney and farrier, Todd Santoro, explains liability in terms of hoof care work during the 2020 Farrier Business Success Academy
Liability is a legal threat for any hoof-care practitioner. Todd Santoro, CF, APF-I, who is an attorney and has been a farrier since 1994, has a unique insight into the potential legal challenges farriers may face.
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Jeremy McGovern
From The Desk Of AFJ

Legal Comments Provide Food For Thought

Facebook has revolutionized communication. It has connected farriers globally for the betterment of the trade. You can share work to get the advice of others, provide thoughtful advice for a fellow farrier or see what’s going on at a clinic you couldn’t attend. But while there are tremendous benefits from using Facebook, are there potential legal consequences awaiting farriers on it?
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International Hoof-Care Summit

Dealing With Difficult Horses

Start by showing clients how they can make it much easier for you to trim and shoe their horses

While the farrier is not responsible for the training of a horse, he or she can certainly pass along some valuable techniques to the horse owner.

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Legal Notes For Shoers

Farrier Malpractice - What You Need To Know

Because we live in a litigious society, you’ve got to be aware of the law
You just opened a letter written bya lawyer, and it accuses you of malpractice. The lawyer was hired by one of your customers named Bill.
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Legal Notes For Shoers

Employee Or Independent Contractor?

Make sure you know the differences when you arrange for on-the-job help.
In an effort to curb the high costs associated with keeping employees, many business people in the equine industry simply label their workers “independent contractors” instead of “employees.”
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