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Buffing Hoof Wall with power drill
Farrier Tips

What You Can Do to Prevent White Line Disease

It’s always best to prevent an infection rather than fight one. Simply put, the alternative often results in a fight that’s difficult to contain. While hoof-care clients can spearhead prevention by providing a clean and dry living environment for their horses, farriers are likely the first line of defense.
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Make Shoeing for a Vet Clinic Worth Your While

Prepare for the ups and downs to make your venture successful
Working in a clinical veterinary setting is much different than a normal day-to-day shoeing practice, and it poses interesting challenges that aren’t present in your normal life. Winston Churchill, the former prime minister of the United Kingdom, once said, “Sometimes doing your best is not good enough. Sometimes you must do what is required.” This quote is appropriate for the topic and we can break it down into two different parts.
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Navicular or Not?

Farrier argues that many “navicular” lameness are actually caused by something else — that requires a different trimming and shoeing approach
Navicular disease is a term that all farriers are familiar with. But what is it? I’d argue that it is better defined as a syndrome than a disease.
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Summit Awards

Nothing But 100% Hoof-Care Education

Next winter’s fifth annual International Hoof-Care Summit will again be an extraordinary 4-day event planned by fellow farriers and equine veterinarians geared to meeting your specific hoof-care needs

It’s hard to believe that extensive planning is already underway for next winter’s fifth annual International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio. It simply doesn’t seem like 5 years ago that the American Farriers Journal staff was figuring out what it was going to take to make the first Summit a big success.

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Product Focus

Studs: Placement Is The Key

They’ll add traction and improve performance — so long as you know where to put them
Most farriers have had experience using studs at some point in their career; be it for winter traction, or for a performance aspect.
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Building and Using the Half Bar

A shoeing alternative that provides frog support in cases such as sheared heels or partial hoof-wall avulsion
The half-bar shoe is an aptly named frog-support shoe offering unilateral frog support while increasing ground reaction forces to one-half of the hoof (Figure 1).
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Preventing and Treating White Line Disease

Bacteria and fungi are the direct causes of this condition, but hoof-care mistakes can be a contributing factor
While we are all familiar with white line disease in its advanced stages, there is no reason a horse should suffer from advanced lesions if we are diligent and observant in our day-to-day shoeing.
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