Horsepower Technologies' FastTrack Rehabilitative Orthotic enables early mobilization with out-of-the-stall, load-bearing exercises for horses recovering from flexor apparatus soft tissue injuries. One of the key technologies in FastTrack is an adjustable range of motion control known as the SafeStop. Made of high-grade titanium commonly found in human implants, SafeStop limits the maximum permissible angle of the horse's fetlock joint, thereby significantly reducing strain to the injured tendons and preventing re-injury. Additionally, the aircraft-grade, aluminum-based FastTrack leg-wear off-loads the injured joint, reduces the pain and accelerates the overall healing process.

As the horse's health improves, a greater range of motion can be allowed via an easy re-setting of the SafeStop angle, thus allowing the tendons to gradually adjust to an increased load. This approach prevents re-injury from excessively stressing the tendons too early in the healing process while allowing mobility that enables more efficient recovery. FastTrack incorporates a heat-formable padding that provides a snug, supportive fit while allowing natural motion of the lower limb, ensuring no abrasion or discomfort is felt by the equine athlete. Rather than being stall-bound, horses can now walk, trot or canter during their recovery phase while wearing FastTrack.

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